Chess Set $65.00 plus tax
Object Of Game:  Be the first player to checkmate your opponent's King
- Size 20 1/2" by 20 1/2"
- Made of Canadian Hard Maple & Baltic Birch
- Pockets are cut out in the frame to store all the chess pieces.
Chess pieces are made of Hard Plastic and are weighed with metal inside which prevents them from tumbling over.
All markings are right into the wood (which will never wear over time)
- Dovetails joints on all miters to give extra strength and a nice esthetic appeal. 
- Each game will come with a really nice storage bag, all the game playing pieces and instructions.
- Includes a storage bag that has straps long enough to even go over the shoulder for carrying, also Securely store your game pieces in the pocket and zip it closed.
All this attention to detail, truely a Michaud Toys original idea.