Crokinole Counter Box

Crokinole Counter Box

Crokinole Counter Box $29.95 plus tax
- Great accessory for the Crokinole game, keeps track of score, games won & stores the chips inside the box
- Size 9 1/2" by 4"
New Bigger Design
- Made of Canadian Hard Maple
- All lines & numbers are burnt into the wood (which will never wear over time). Use the pins to mark the score and the amount of games won. Includes the beautiful metal pins and crokinole disks.
- The top and bottom pieces are held shut with powerful rare earth magnets. You can feel at ease because the wooden disk and pins are securely locked inside the game.
- Each game will come with a really nice storage bag, also includes beautiful metal pins and the wooden disks for the game.
All this attention to detail, truely a Michaud Toys original idea.