Rummoli / Rummy

Rummoli / Rummy

Rummoli / Rummy $79.95 plus tax
Objective:  To get rid of the cards your holding every
round & try and win pots of money along the way.
- Size 17 1/2" by 17 1/2"
- Made of Canadian Hard Maple 
- All lines & numbers are burnt into the wood (which will never wear over time). 
- The Ace, King & 7-8-9 pockets are much bigger because those are the pots that are Hard to win!!!
- We engrave inside the pockets and on the center ring. This is a really nice feature because when the pots build up, you will still be able see the paying hands because they are engraved on top and inside the pockets.
- All engraving in burnt so it will never wear over time.
We also burnt the spades & clubs a solid color to show the difference between hearts & diamonds.
- Coins scoop out so easy because the bottom edges are beveled  and the coins slide right into your hand.
- Spin the game around and collect your coins. The game turns so easy with this high quality oversized lasy susan.
- Each game will come with a really nice storage bag, Deck of cards and instructions.
- Includes a storage bag that has straps long enough to even go over the shoulder for carrying, also Securely store your game pieces in the pocket and zip it closed.
All this attention to detail, truely a Michaud Toys original idea.