Travel Dice Poker

Travel Dice Poker

Travel Dice Poker $39.95 plus tax
Object of Game:  Try and complete two lines of five in a row & block your opponent.
(Make all your moves by rolling dice)
- Size 8" by 13 1/2" (together) or Size 4" by 13 /2" (folded)
- Made of Canadian Hard Maple
- The metal rings lock the two pieces together for playing.
- Remove the metal ring and then the top and bottom pieces are held shut with powerful rare earth magnets. You can feel at ease because the pins, dice & rings are securely locked inside the game.
- All lines & numbers are right into the wood (which will never wear over time).
Each game will come with a really nice storage bag, instructions, also includes beautiful glass gems, dice & metal rings.
All this attention to detail, truely a Michaud Toys original idea